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Saving one follicle at a time! 

Hair Extension Colors


Donyelle McBride, BCHHP, CCT is the founder and CEO of McBride Hair Restoration.

"Hair is the Musical instrument that connects me to your health."
Donyelle is New England's pioneer Trichological office offering TricHolistic protocols, hair restoration, and medical hair replacement solutions.  Health and Wellness plays an important role for the success of hair growth.  When any one of our body systems lack essential nutrients or minerals, the body may pull these essential nutrients and minerals from the hair, skin, and nails first. Hence, premature hair loss or thinning begins. Once hair loss or hair thinning begins, MHR looks for the causes of "miniaturization" (shrinking of the hair follicle). If miniaturization goes untreated, the hair follicles can eventually die.

Once the hair follicle dies, hair loss treatment programs become ineffective. Our goal is to address hair loss in the EARLY stages "before" the hair follicle dies; usually best treated within the onset of occurrence. Hair loss can affect anyone. Providing a healthy environment for hair to thrive and grow is what McBride Hair Restoration does best.

To offer an effective TricHolistic protocol, one must first understand the underlying root causes of hair loss. "Healthy hair is a direct reflection of a healthy individual". Hair is nourished from nutrients carried by the blood. Therefore, when the the blood is compromised in any way, the health of the hair can be affected. Hair loss is a barometer and can be our first sign of potential dis-ease or dis-order in the function of our bodies system.

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