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You qualify for $450 discount with a “One time in full payment” of $1350 or Early Bird Special if paid 60 Days prior to class date and proof of professional license!

Total class tuition, kit, products, and supplies…$1800.00.


Make your deposit today. Deposits are non-refundable however can be applied to another qualified MHR training


Schedule Now! Dates are closing fast. Your FIRST client not only potentially covers your tuition; it can also have you in profit mode. If you’re like me, you’ll wish you took this class sooner. We look forward to your success!

Medical Hair Replacement Class

$1,900.00 Regular Price
$1,700.00Sale Price
  • Please note this is not a medical billing training
    a) How get your NPI number
    b) New ICD 10’s
    c) What are the proper diagnostic codes
    d) Access to medical billing specialist to process and/or assist in processing your claims


    a) Understanding the fundamentals of constructing lace, mono mesh, stretch lace, vacuum system
    b) Understanding lace, skin, silicone
    c) Understanding the difference of lace front, full lace, skin grafting, medical wigs
    d) Cosmetic vs. Medical (Cranial Prosthesis)


    a) Create mold and learn proper head measurements for a partial graft and full head graft
    b) Custom ordering and how to fill out the order form
    c) Understanding the differences in the base, density, texture, color percentage, natural hairline recession, and curl pattern
    d) How to customize a lace unit.  How to integrate system with various extension/weaving techniques
    e) How to color using highlights and low lights
    f) Removal of unit, cleanse unit, shampoo and reattach
    g) Blend and finish for style completion
    h) Common mistakes to avoid


    a) Advertising-how to tap into hair replacement market, effective advertising with a small-medium budget, successful networking strategies, how to quickly turn investment into profit, creating the demand
    b) Marketing strategies
    c) How to build on a small budget
    d) Self-Employed Legal Plan with website

    4. PRICING

    a) One time units/yearly plans
    b) Annual agreements/contracts
    c) Payment Plan options
    d) Supplier info


    MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES-will be provided

    a) Students will work on live models (actual clients of MHR LLC)
    b) All other necessary course materials and supplies will be provided.  Live models are not guaranteed to students.  Salon and/or business owners must also have cosmetology license to work on live model.  No exceptions!

    There will be demonstrations and hands on experience with units, adhesives, and removers
    Every participant will receive one-year ongoing technical support, certificate of completion, and free refresher within one year. $250  refresher course after one year.


    McBride Hair Replacement accepts private or group classes. Group class consists of 5 or more students.  Location must be a learning environment. Salons are acceptable on closed days and hours.  Private class $1700 (No discounts).  (MHR LLC has grown to love and welcome one-on-one private trainings.  Feel free to contact us directly for a training date that’s perfect.


    Student(s) are required to make all necessary flight and hotel accommodations. Travel to/from airport to hotel must be arranged in advance upon request. For flight info, go to and click the “travel” tab.

    Hotel Accommodations-Book in/near town of Avon/Simsbury/Granby/Windsor. 

    Airport Code-BDL

    MHR TRAVEL-Hotel and travel for class instructor is required at the expense of class organizer. Hotel and travel accommodations must be acceptable and approved in advance by MHR.

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